2014年に結成。神﨑風花、寺口夏花、山崎愛からなる3人組グループ。通称 オサカナ。
音楽プロデュースの照井順政(ハイスイノナサ、siraph etc)が作り出すポストロック、エレクトロニカといったジャンルのサウンドを基調にした物語性の強い楽曲と、メンバーの紡ぐイノセントな歌声、表情豊かなパフォーマンスが唯一無二の世界観を作り出し、アイドルファンのみならず、こだわりの強い音楽ファンからも厚い支持を得ている。
また近年、「ハイスコアガール」、「ハイスコアガール2」や「ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか2」など多くのアニメ作品の主題歌を担当。特に「ハイスコアガール」OP主題歌「New Stranger」はアニメ/アニソンファンたちをもうならせ、一躍sora tob sakanaの名前を世に知らしめした。
ワンマンライブや主催フェスも積極的に行い、2019年には東京・大阪・名古屋でのワンマンライブツアーを開催。各地でソールドアウトした。また2020年2月にはSHIBUYA O-EAST、O-WEST、duo music EXCHANGE3か所にて、アイドル、アニメ、バンドシーンで業界内外で注目をアーティストらを集めサーキットフェスを主催で開催した。


Formed in July 2014, sora tob sakana is produced by Yoshimasa Terui, a popular music producer for Haisuinonasa and Siraph. Their very unique world is created by story-rich songs with post rock and electronic sound, their innocent voice and expressive dance performance.

After they released a single CD "Yozora wo zenbu" through "Fujiyama Project Japan" on October 27, 2015, a single CD "Mahou no kotoba", an album "sora tob sakana" and mini album "cocoon ep" were released in a row.
On April 30, 2017, they held the solo live performance “Getsumen no Ongakutai” in LIQUIDROOM, for the first time with live band, which tickets were completely sold out.

At the event “Tentai no Ongakugai” in Nakano Sunplaza on February 12, 2018, they announced to start a variety of activities in cooperation with Warner Bros. Japan and Pony Canyon.
Their debut with a major label was on May 16 with mini album “alight up”. Then they enjoyed the great success in solo live at Tokyo International Forum on July 1.
Most recently, they sing the opening song for TV anime “Hi Score Girl” started in July, which single CD “New Stranger” is now in stores.

On March 13, 2019, I will release the major 1st full album "World Fragment Tour".

On July 24th, 2nd single “SASAYAKANA SYUKUSAI”
(TV anime “Is it wrong to meet a dungeon? II” ED theme) is released.
From July 6th, the first live tour sora tob sakana LIVE TOUR 2019 “TENKYU NO CHIZU” will be held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Sold in various places
To go out. The theme song for the smartphone app game “Is it wrong to seek dating in the dungeon?
Decided to be in charge. Released as a single delivery. On November 13th, the 3rd single “flash” will be released, which includes the opening theme of the anime “High Score Girl II”, which is a sequel to the anime “High Score Girl” that has gained great support as a tie-up. In addition, we decided to hold the “GETSUMEN NO TOBIRA” event for three consecutive months from October.

Personal Profile

神﨑風花 (Fuka Kanzaki)
寺口夏花(Natsuka Teraguchi)
山崎愛(Mana Yamazaki)